Some time ago I dreamed of playing golf at the highest level, I practised hard and spent countless hours trying to get my swing to be perfect.

I’ll be honest and say I had no idea what I was doing, I just had a dream.

I grew up playing golf in a public course (Mahon Golf Club) and it was an amazing place to learn how to play golf, but we had no Pro at the club to guide us.

Looking back at the long hours I spent practising now I laugh and think of how much time I wasted doing things wrong. I had no mentor or coach and practised aimlessly with no direction. To play great golf you need someone to guide, mentor and challenge you.

I love helping other people and golf coaching was such a natural fit for me, work around the greatest game ever played and make people happy by improving their golf.

After countless productive hours now of training and close to 20 years in the golf industry, I love making golf more enjoyable for people of all skills by making golf easier to play.

20202 brought me back to Douglas Golf Club, becoming Head PGA Professional of a members club has always been a goal of mine and a way I can give back to this wonderful game we all love. This allows me the opportunities to mentor, coach and guide players in every aspect of the game. With the use of Trackman 4 I am able to coach, monitor and custom fit members and visitors of Douglas Golf Club.