Coaching Packages


I’m delighted to be able offer a wide range of lesson plans.

Coaching is my biggest passion in life.

The path to good golf is not far away and can be such an enjoyable journey.

For one to one lessons I have a number a packages available, please feel free to look through some of the options or contact me personally.

Online Lesson Packages

How it works

It’s extremely simple.

Once you decide to take an online lesson with me you will be sent an e-mail with payment instructions via PayPal and a questionnaire about your golf game.

The more information you provide on the questionnaire the better quality information I can provide you.

You will also be given instructions on how to film your golf swing and from which angles.

What’s Next This is the easy part, you sit back and relax. I plan to get your lesson looked at and reviewed within 24 hours. I review all the information and then record a video review of what needs to be done on your side, I also demonstrate the drills that will help you play your best golf.

10% Discount for any fit for golf subscribers

What does it cost?

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In-Person Lessons

All face to face lessons are performed at Douglas Golf Club, we have extensive practice facilities with a practice area for every part of your golf game.

All lessons are delivered using the best coaching tool available in golf, Trackman4.

My approach to coaching is very simple and I believe there is a lot more to a good golf game than just a pretty swing. I like to change the least amount in a swing but still make a big impact on your golf game in a positive way. I promise you won’t leave my lesson tee confused.

Booking available but clicking 

The process 

The length of the lesson is your choice, but all first lessons will start with a chat about your golf game, and I will find out what your goals for the lesson are ie: stop slicing, more distance, better strikes etc, these are your goals what I want isn’t important. Then you will warm up, we will find the problem, we will find what’s causing the problem, and then we will put a plan in place to fix it, simple.

Contact David on for more information or to book a time.